This August 18, the City of Florence proudly joins community members celebrating Never Give Up Day and has proclaimed August 18, 2022, as Never Give Up Day.

Never Give Up Day is a global celebration day focused on cultivating a mindset of determination. The mayoral proclamation signals the city’s role in recognizing the importance of never giving up and invites its citizens to make this day a springboard for awareness-raising actions. Never Give Up Day provides a common platform for health and social care providing associations, nonprofits, charities and so many more, in their efforts to establish a call to action and fundraising activities.

Many philanthropic causes have dedicated awareness months or days to hold their call to action or fundraising, but few can engage so much attention, touching so many hearts, and connecting so many people to the same degree as Never Give Up Day. The day not only applauds people for reaching their goals but also supports those who are still trying to achieve their goals.

What our communities do each year is nothing short of amazing. This unique celebration day is dedicated to showcasing the impactful resilience and determination in our community. #NeverGiveUpDay has the power to bring an entire city together to promote the spirit of never giving up.