Scott Mann is a 25 plus year radio veteran with a career that began in the late 80’s in upstate New York. Since arriving in Myrtle Beach in 1999, Scott has become very active in the community doing charity work for just about any legitimate cause that asks, including the annual “Marathon For Meals”.

Scott is also very active in the music scene around town. He hosts two specialty programs on WYAV-FM; “The Blues Hangover” playing blues from the 1930’s through the present, and “Scott Mann’s Headshop” playing Jamband music from bands such as the Grateful Dead.

“These things are cool: My wife, my family, my dogs, my turtle, and my friends, The Grateful Dead, Classic Rock, live music especially Jam and Blues, organic food, my job, peace.”

“These things are a drag: cancer, racism, homophobia, and other types of hatred, bad music, really bad music, Classic Rock songs in commercials, the crap being put in our food, war.”